How to: wear gloves

If you’re out and about flyering or dropping off groceries or medicines, we strongly advise you use a pair of gloves. Here are two videos – one in Welsh (produced by Hansh over at S4C) and one in English, showing you how to put on and take of gloves safely.

This is based on advice from our fab volunteers, Angela, who (conveniently!) works at Cardiff University Hospital and has studied virology, and Rachel, who’s currently working flat out as an NHS nurse 😷

Huge thanks to those two, and all our key workers keeping us safe and well 👏


  • Wash hands prior to leaving the house
  • Before handling items (flyers, groceries etc) put on/ don gloves 
  • First clean hands with sanitiser, and remove a pair of gloves 
  • Hold glove with one hand and insert the other. When the base of your thumb reaches the cuff of the glove begin to spread fingers and insert hand into glove.
  • Pull glove cuff towards the wrist to cover as much skin as possible and secure the glove.
  • Check to make sure there are no holes or tears- if you notice any damage to glove replace with a fresh glove again checking to ensure there is no damage
  • Clean gloved hands with sanitiser and you are now ready to handle the items for distribution.
  • Remember to avoid touching your face when out delivering items.
  • Regularly clean gloved hands with sanitiser – approx. every 20mins (Also check for any damage at this time). 
  • To doff/ take off gloves safely pinch one glove at the wrist
  • Remove glove by pulling away from your body
  • Continue holding the glove you just removed in your gloved hand. Slide a few fingers of your bare hand inside the cuff of the glove you are still wearing.
  • Pulling away from your body, peel off the second glove, turning it inside out and leaving the first glove wrapped inside as you remove it.
  • Dispose the gloves safely in your bin at home and wash your hands before touching any other surfaces.

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