Door Knocking Guidelines

  • The aim of this activity is to link up people in your community, so we recommend door knocking on your own street or a couple of streets away from your street. Don’t feel you have to door knock a street that is far from your house. 
  • It is important to prioritise your own safety when going out door knocking.  We recommend taking your phone and letting someone know where you will be going and when you expect to return. Alternatively go door knocking with a member of your household.
  • Arrange with another volunteer in your area to be a ‘buddy’. You could door knock the same street, each take one side of the street and door knock at the same time, so that if you encounter any issues there’s someone there to help (remember to maintain physical distancing). 
  • Bring a pen and paper to note down any requests or details. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop and get yourself out of that situation. Remember, if a certain situation makes you feel uncomfortable it is completely okay to just walk away and stop. We will put some more detailed advice on what to do if an individual doesn’t respond well to you knocking on their door below. 
  • In the event that an individual says they want help, take down their details and their request (if they are happy to share them with you). After finishing speaking with this person, communicate this information to your area coordinator – do not share any of this individual’s private details on your group whatsapp. 
  • If you take an individual’s personal details, make sure to ask them whether they are happy with you passing these details on to one of the group’s coordinators and explain that the details won’t be shared unnecessarily and will only be used for the purpose of carrying out their request. 

Doing Door Knocking:

  • Knock clearly and loudly on the door and walk back to an appropriate distance (2m or more). Ensure that you will be safe, e.g. You won’t be in the path of oncoming cars. 
  • Give the person time to come to the door, allow more time than you usually would. Try knocking again, but don’t knock more than twice. 
  • If the individual says they need help e.g. Grocery shopping, take down their details and what they need help with and report this back to your area coordinator. 
  • If the individual says no to the flyer, you can offer to read the telephone number on the flyer aloud to them, in case they might want it but might not want the flyer itself or might want it in the future. 

Tricky’ Scenarios:

  • If the individual who answers the door seems confused or upset that you are there, try to clearly and loudly explain who you are and why you are there. If after some attempts at explaining the support we offer and offering to post the flyer they still seem unhappy that you are there and don’t want any help then thank them for their time and leave. CAVEAT: if you feel unsafe when someone opens the door it is okay to leave immediately- your safety is the priority. Trust your instincts.
  •  Prior to door knocking we will provide you with the local councillor’s details and you can share these with the individual if they have any questions or issues that seem more community based (e.g. they want to know when the pothole on the road will be fixed or the bin days).
  • If an individual has any questions that you cannot answer, that’s okay! You can write their question down and offer to take their details and have one of our group contact them with an answer or a solution. It is okay to not know the answer to every question on the spot!

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