Doorknocking script

You don’t need to follow this to the letter – it’s meant to be a helpful guide in case you need some guidance on what to say. 

Stand well back from the door once you’ve knocked – remember 2 metres or more. If you’re wearing a mask, remove it if someone comes to the door!

  1. Introduce yourself:

“Hi, I’m [NAME], I live on [ROAD NAME] and I’m part of our local community group that we set up to help neighbours get through the lockdown.”

  1. Have a chat about how they’re getting on:

“We’re just checking in with people on our local streets to make sure everyone’s okay, and to let you know that we’re here to help if you need us. How are you getting on?”

  1. Follow up with info on the group:

“We’re a small group of locals, helping neighbours get their shopping in, pick up prescriptions and medicine, and take care of anything else we can.”

“We can’t do care or social work, but we’re connecting people to the food bank and other help.”

“We’ve got a central phone line and email address on this flyer we’re giving out so people can get in touch when they need us.”

  1. If they need help or advice then and there:

“I’ve got a pen and paper handy – you’re welcome to tell me what you might need help with, and if it’s something we can help with I can link you up with someone in our network to help out.”

  1. If they might need support in the future, or think they might:

“We’re being careful with safety, so I can put the flyer through your door once you’ve closed it, and if you give the number on the flyer a call then one of us will pick up and help you out.”

  1. If they don’t need anything:

“I’ve got a flyer with our details on it here and I can pop it through your letterbox once you close the door, is that ok?”

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