About us

We started our mutual aid group on Facebook about a week and a half before the UK’s lockdown, as a way to look after our community and support each other. As our organising group formed, we decided that we needed to reach the most isolated people in our community who might not have access to the internet and who would be self-isolating for their own safety. We quickly set up a sign-up form for people who wanted to help their community. Within a week, we had over 500 people respond! We also set up a phone line and an email address so that people could reach out to us to find help and support.

Knowing that many of the most vulnerable and elderly people in our community would not have access to the internet and might not know where to find support, we made a flyer, to share our contact information and to offer support and a sense of community to our neighbourhoods. With the help of the hundreds of people who signed up to help, we have carefully left flyers at nearly all 26000 households across our four areas.

We are all really concerned about the risk of infection, so to make our practices as safe as possible we’ve developed ‘best practice’ safe flyering and safe shopping systems, based on resources provided by our own group, and by other mutual aid groups across the country. We’ve managed to help over 100 people so far, with grocery drops and by picking up and delivering prescriptions and medication.